Alliance Agrees To Our Petition Request: No Reduction In Our Salaries Based on Unreliable Lexile Data

We are proud of the work we have done together, and proud of the overwhelming participation of teachers and counselors who signed our petition about the effect of Lexile scores on our compensation. As a result of our petition, Dan Katzir announced that no educator will suffer a reduction in salary based on unreliable data.

Having our union is about working together as a group to advocate for our students and our profession. Just some of the things we did to accomplish our goal included:

• On October 12th, we sent a letter to Dan Katzir raising a number of issues surrounding the use of Lexile scores
• On October 12th, teachers and counselors from across Alliance schools started signing petitions calling on the Alliance to agree that no educator should suffer a reduction in salary as a result of Lexile scores
• We leafleted and passed out newsletters outside nearly every Alliance school as educators signed onto our petition
• We held a number of after-school meetings on school campuses, after Alliance was ordered to restore our right to meet at school, where we discussed concerns about the use of Lexile and grew support for our petition
• Our petition circulated through email updates, Facebook posts, and text messages; many teachers and counselors signed online as well

Our hard work and activism has resulted in a step in the right direction—a commitment that there will be no reduction in salary this year and next year. We know there is so much more to still be decided including how evaluations, Lexile test scores and/or alternative measures, and our compensation will work in the future.

Our goal in unionizing is to have the ability to collectively bargain over the concerns that affect our profession and our students. We will continue to work for all educators to have a legitimate voice in decision-making.

We call on our colleagues to join with us as we organize for the highest quality learning and teaching environments at the Alliance.