Alliance College-Ready Must Stop Fighting its Educators

Check out the Alliance Parents Rosalba Naranjo and Elva Gil’s Op Ed in the Spanish Language Newspaper La Opinion! Click here to read the original Op Ed (in Spanish):

Alliance College-Ready debe dejar de luchar contra sus maestros 



Below is English translation:

Alliance College-Ready Must Stop Fighting its Educators 

Rosalba Naranjo and Elva Gil 

Alliance College-Ready Public Schools (Alliance), a network of 28 charter schools, is the largest charter school network in Los Angeles. One of their fundamental values is to create an academic culture in which educators, administrators, and parents can attain the greatest educational benefit for Alliance students.  However, there is something wrong with the current direction at Alliance. The state of California has just finished an audit of Alliance based on concerns we, as parents of Alliance students, asked the Alliance CEO over 18 months ago. We never got his response.

The state audit found that the Alliance raised $ 1.7 million from undisclosed private donors plus an additional $ 2.2 million in ‘pro-bono’ legal fees to combat their own educators’ efforts to form a union. That money could have been used to improve our children’s education, including ensuring that students have enough school textbooks, science supplies, libraries, and nurses.

The Audit also found that Alliance, as an operator of public schools, failed to comply with federal law regarding the protection of private information of parents and students by sharing this information with third party organizations without our authorization.

We support educators’ right to organize a union. We believe that educators are in the best position to collaborate and improve school’s policies, to ensure the well-being and success of students and to advocate for their profession.

Alliance surveillance and harassment of teachers’ legal right to organize a union has been so extreme that a Judge has issued a temporary restraining order and an injunction against Alliance.

At this point we ask ourselves; where is the culture of communication between teachers, parents and Alliance administrators?

It’s painful that the Alliance charter school network, with 94% of its funding coming from taxpayers, is fighting their teachers. The fundraising of millions of dollars to fight their own educators creates a hostile environment for teachers and students alike. It is time to put the educational needs of our children before Alliance’s ideological needs.

Alliance–stop the campaign against your educators and put our students first.