Alliance Hires Alumni to Divide Teachers and Parents

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May 27 2015

This is an open letter to Alliance CEO Dan Katzir, Alliance Board of Directors, Alliance Colleagues, Parents, Students, Alumni, and Community Members in response to Alliance hiring Alumni to call current parents with anti-union messages.

We are proud and professional Alliance educators who are entrusted with and dedicated to the education of our students and furthering the mission of the Alliance.

As the number of teachers and counselors joining together to exercise our legal right to organize a union for an effective and collective voice has more than doubled, we have come to learn that the Alliance is choosing to engage in divisive tactics that will only harm our school communities.

It has come to our attention that the Alliance is contracting with the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA) to hire Alliance alumni to phone bank current Alliance parents with the goal of turning parents against us, the Alliance’s own teachers and counselors, who support organizing. (Click here to see the emails from the CCSA to paid alumni)

Hiring former students to phone parents with the goal of dividing parents and educators and providing parent information to a third party to campaign against our right to organize our union raises serious ethical questions about the Alliance’s actions.  In addition, we question the extent to which the Alliance is wasting resources on the campaign against our right to form our union, resources better spent on our students.

Not only is this attempt to drive a wedge between parents and teachers wrong, but the content of the phone script to parents is ill-informed, misleading and meant to create fear amongst families that our intention in forming a union would be to harm our students and our schools.  (Click here  to see the phone script to parents)

On the contrary, we are organizing our union with the hope and goal of improving our schools.  There are already over 140 of us who are publicly supporting organizing our union.  We will make decisions together to advance quality education for our students and create more effective collaboration amongst educators, parents, alumni, students, community members, administrators and the Alliance Board of Directors.

Our vision is one of educator-led, student-focused, shared decision-making processes to the benefit of the entire Alliance community.

We call on the Alliance Board of Directors to stop the Alliance’s campaign to divide Alliance families from educators, respect our right to organize our union, and agree to a fair and neutral process.


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