Alliance’s Spin Can’t Hide the Facts

Alliance’s most recent anti-union email communication reveals just how disingenuous they are. Oversimplifying the judge’s decision, they don’t want to talk about what the judge actually said. While the administrative law judge didn’t conclude that Alliance broke the law (we disagree), he did say that Alliance is making false claims.

In the decision last week, the judge found that an anti-union email from Alliance claiming that “UTLA ‘is trying to close high-performing Alliance schools’ is unsupported by the record and deemed false.” If you recall, Alliance has repeated this false claim over and over again.

Why is Alliance fighting us?

It’s not surprising that Alliance would misrepresent the facts in an effort to try to distract and confuse us from why we are organizing. Without a union, Alliance can unilaterally make all decisions about our pay, evaluations, workload, and other conditions of employment—and they want to keep it that way. With a union, Alliance must bargain with us.

The truth is, Alliance has a long history of fighting us and our right to unionize.

FACT: In 2015, the LA Superior Court issued an injunction against Alliance for violating our rights under state law, including the right to communicate using work email.

FACT: The Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) has found Alliance violated the law four different times.

FACT: In June 2016, a state legislative audit revealed that Alliance privately fundraised $1.7 million and received an addition $2 million in pro-bono legal services in their anti-union campaignagainst their own educators—money that could have been spent on our students and classrooms.

FACT: Home office has hired high-priced anti-union consultants (Mercury Public Relations) and lawyers (Proskauer Rose) with a history of fighting working class communities. Proskauer’s clients have included El Super grocery store and T-Mobile, and Mercury was hired by Governor Snyder of Michigan during the Flint water crisis.

FACT: The delay for union recognition at the three schools that have filed was not because of a decision by PERB, who did recognize the majority at each of those schools, but by home office who denied recognition of our union. They have backtracked on the position that they have taken for three-and-a-half years in court and in front of PERB—that each school is autonomous and its own employer, with its own Board of Directors and that Home Office is a management and administrative service provider for each school. In fact, as home office reported itself, earlier this year PERB recognized school autonomy and “upheld Alliance’s decentralized school network model that recognizes the autonomy of local Alliance schools.”

It’s time for Alliance to stop their anti-union campaign, respect our rights as professionals to organize to make our schools the best place for our students, and to recognize our union.

Join with us today.