CA PERB to Seek Injunction to Stop Alliance’s Illegal Anti-Union Campaign

On Friday, October 16, the CA Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) granted our Request for Injunctive Relief against the Alliance’s campaign of interference and coercion against our right to organize our union.
“By direction of the Board, the request for injunctive relief in the above-entitled matter is granted. By further direction of the Board, the General Counsel shall immediately seek appropriate injunctive relief in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.” October 16, 2015 Letter from PERB General Counsel, J. Felix De La Torre

PERB agreed to our October 9th request for injunctive relief based on the theory that without an order to stop Alliance’s anti-union campaign that irreparable harm to rights of educators at Alliance would occur. Alliance campaign against educators includes:
· Illegal tactics of coercion and intimidation,
· Unlawful denial of our rights to meet and communicate with union members and organizers at our schools on non-work time and through email,
· Prohibited threats to union supporters and retaliation against at least one key union activist

PERB will now be taking the Alliance to LA Superior Court requesting that The Court issue an injunction against the Alliance and all 27 Alliance schools that will include the appropriate orders to IMMEDIATELY restore our rights to organize without interference and coercion.

In addition, PERB found sufficient evidence that the Alliance violated the Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA) by issuing complaints on all four unfair practice charges that we filed in August. These included:
1. Illegally refusing to meet and confer, as required in the law, despite numerous requests to meet to discuss our conditions of employment made to the Alliance,
2. Constructive termination of Albert Chu, former Collins Family HS Physics teacher, for union activity
3. Surveillance of union activity by Collins Family HS administrators when two teachers, two alum and one student delivered a petition signed by over 300 alumni and a letter signed by nearly a majority of Collins’ teachers that expressed support for keeping Mr. Chu and the Physics program.
4. Using an employer-sponsored anti-union petition to illegally try to determine teachers’ and counselors’ views on unionization.

We are proud to be teachers and counselors at the Alliance and are organizing our union for better learning environments for our students and teaching environments for all of us. We believe our professional voices and decisions should be respected, including our right to make our decision to organize.

We are pleased that PERB has intervened to ensure that we can exercise our rights and we reassert our call on the Alliance to respect our decision and come to a fair and neutral process as organize.

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