Celebrating 2014-2015 and Getting Ready for 2015-2016

Educators across Alliance support forming a union. CLICK HERE.

Since we began organizing our union at the Alliance, a lot has happened. Our support has grown from 67 educators at 7 schools to over 146 at 21 schools.

Our collective goal is to build a collaborative decision-making relationship with the Alliance and to make all of our schools the best they can be for student success. By joining together, we seek to ensure respect for our professional expertise, fair evaluation processes, the right to advocate without fear, and retention and recruitment of highly
effective educators.

Community support for our right to organize and our right to a fair and neutral process has
also grown. A few examples of the support we have received include:

  • Letters of support from dozens of community organizations and elected officials, including 3 members of Congress and 7 members of the California Senate and Assembly,
  • Resolutions supporting our organizing from 4 Neighborhood Councils,
  • News coverage by numerous media outlets including the L.A. Times, the L.A. Daily News, and the L.A. School Report,
  • Over 2,000 signatures on our Move.org public petition,
  • Growing public support from parents and alumni.


Our movement is growing despite of an unprecedented anti-union campaign by the Alliance to try and stop our efforts.

Examples of what the Alliance is spending time and money on to try to convince educators not to organize include:

  • Distributing multiple “fact sheets” that were less than factual,
  •  Trying to divide parents from pro-union teachers, including calls from alumni to ask parents to sign an anti-union petition,
  • Creating “focus groups” to solicit ideas for change, but still leaving all final decisions about solutions to the Alliance,
  • Encouraging principals to have one-on-one and group meetings to dissuade teachers against unionization,
  • Illegally denying UTLA members and organizers lawful access to Alliance school campus during off time and stopping email access to our union newsletter.


So why is Alliance trying to convince us not to organize? Because without a union, the Alliance can continue to unilaterally make all the decisions and only take our input when it’s a decision they already support.

There Is a Better Way

Over 36,000 educators are in unions, in both independent charter schools and traditional
district schools, within the Los Angeles Unified School District. Instead of leaving all of the decision-making control with their administration and waiting to see if their administration will make the right decisions, they bargain as equals with their school leadership.

Educators at over 42 charter schools in LA bargain collectively with their employer. They have the right to bargain to make the needed improvements for their students’ learning conditions and educator professional conditions. They have rights and by continuing to organize together, so can we.

Next Steps

We are proud to be Alliance educators, and we are proud of the success of our organizing efforts during the last two months. We look forward to the next school year as we continue forming our union to have a collective voice.

We know that the Alliance can do better. Rather than fight our efforts, we request that they respect us as professionals, stop the anti-teacher union campaign, agree to a fair and neutral process for organizing and work with us, not against us, so together we can make Alliance the best schools for our students.

Have a great summer,
— Alliance Educators United


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