Celebrating our successes — Excited for the new school year





We are organizing our union with United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) to have an effective voice in advocating for student-focused, teacher-led collaboration.  As a union we will have a right to collectively bargain for the best learning and teaching environment.

Last year we continued to make significant gains in our efforts. Just some examples include:

  • Growth in support for unionization from teachers and counselors across the Alliance,
  • Elected leaders like the State Treasurer, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the Speaker of the Assembly, to name only a few, publicly supporting us,
  • Order from the CA Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to Alliance to cease its unlawful anti-union campaign after a judge found Alliance violated our rights to organize,
  • Evaluation Improvements influenced by the participation of hundreds of teachers & counselors  in our surveys, meetings, and discussions about needed changes,
  • School Site Improvements like the creation of $2,000/year departmental allowances at Burton Tech High School and teacher voice in deciding the professionalism policy at Ouchi HS,
  • State Audit approved by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to determine the total resources spent by Alliance to oppose our right to organize—money better spent on student needs,
  • No reduction in salary petition calling on Alliance to agree that no educator would suffer a reduction in salary due to unreliable test scores,
  • Parent support including a press conference by parents calling on Alliance to respect our decision to unionize.

We start this year excited to be working together to make the Alliance the best it can be for our students and our profession.  We are committed to forming our union and call on Alliance to respect our rights and our decision by coming to an agreement for a fair & neutral process as we organize.

To find out how you can get more involved, contact us at educators@allianceeducators.com or 213.637.5152.