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UTLA: Our Unity is Our Strength — Jamie Garcia, Judy I. Burton Technology Academy High School  (Oct 2016)

Every decision we make is with our community of students in mind — Edgar Hermosillo, Judy I Burton Technology Academy High School (Sept 2016)

Alliance educators, parents and now School Boards say Yes on 55 (Sept 2016)

Professional Development or Planning Time? (Sept 2016)

Yes on Proposition 55 (Aug 2016)

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Rather than Take Responsibility, Alliance Continues Legal Delays. Elected Leaders Weigh In (Dec 2015)

Injunction Ordered by LA County Superior Court Judge Against Alliance’s Unlawful Anti-Union Campaign (Dec 2015)

Alliance Agrees To Our Petition Request: No Reduction In Our Salaries Based on Unreliable Lexile Data (Nov 2015)

LA County Superior Court Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Alliance’s Unlawful Anti-Union Campaign (Oct 2015)

CA PERB To Seek Injunction to Stop Alliance’s Illegal Anti-Union Campaign (Oct 2015)

Unreliable Data Should Not Negatively Impact Pay (Oct 2015)

State Labor Agency Issues Complaints Against Alliance’s Union-Busting (Jul 2015)

Educators Across Alliance Support Forming a Union! (Jun 2015)

Celebrating 2014-2015 and Getting Ready for 2015-2015 (Jun 2015)

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