Organizing for Immigrant Rights

Organizing for Immigrant Rights

Working with parents and community partners, UTLA members are using the power of collective bargaining and the negotiations for a new union contract with LAUSD this year to advocate for immigrant families.

Immigrant Family Legal Defense Fund

September 2017

 UTLA members proposed that LAUSD create a $1 million Immigrant Family Legal Defense Fund to support families of students who are fighting deportation.

Safe Schools Policies

February 2016

 UTLA members advocated for and won a resolution by the LA School Board to pass a safe schools policy. The resolution was passed again in November 2016.

December 2016 and February 2017

 We, Alliance educators, along with Alliance parents, sent letters to Dan Katzir and the Alliance board urging them to adopt a safe schools policy comparable to the LAUSD policy to protect Alliance students and families.

March 2017

Alliance school boards voted for the safe schools policy that we advocated for.