Organizing for School Funding

Organizing for School Funding


$20,000 per pupil funding by 2020 


Working with parents and community partners, UTLA members are using the power of collective bargaining and the negotiations for a new union contract with LAUSD this year to advocate for increased funding for public education.

UTLA members are leading the campaign for 20 by 20 – Increasing per pupil funding in all publicly funded schools to $20,000 a year by 2020. Current per pupil funding is about $11,000.


UTLA members are:

· Working with community partners and parents to advocate for increased funds and policies that create long-term, sustainable revenue sources for public education.

· Advocating for education leaders to stand with teachers and counselors and endorse policy and revenue improvements to increase funding.

· Campaigning for revenue generating policy changes like the Make it Fair campaign to increase property taxes on commercial property.

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