What Happened to Our Stipend?

We have been a number of questions and concerns raised across our schools about how the Professional Development and Planning Time week worked this year. While not all information about the change is available, we believe it is important that we all have as much information as possible.

Prior to this School Year

What Changed this Year?

  • The first five days of the year were designated as Professional Development days, both Alliance-wide and school-based
  • We received a $150/day stipend for each of the days that we attended
  • Total stipend of $750 if we were present all five days
  • Professional development days meant we had to record our attendance to ensure we received our stipend, to report at specific times and to attend mandatory trainings and/or staff meetings
  • For any PD day we did not attend, we did not get the stipend for that day
  • We were not docked a sick or leave day for not attending a PD day
  • Alliance announced that this school year there are 6 teacher planning days including having 2 of the 5 days in our first week designated as planning days; a welcomed improvement
  • Our stipend was cut from $150/day for five days to $150/day for three days
  • The maximum stipend pay for the PD/planning week is $450
  • This change was not clearly communicated or included in the announcement about creating the planning days
  • A number of site administrators were not even aware of this change
  • We’ve been told that planning time is not stipend eligible because it is part of our contracted days instead of additional PD days


How did Planning Time Work?

Requirements during planning days in the first week did not always allow for real teacher-determined planning time. Administrators at some schools required educators to attend meetings during designated planning days which cut into designated planning time. Unlike the PD days we were not paid a stipend even if required to attend sessions and/or meetings during planning days. Planning time is a great resource and valued time that should be teacher-determined based on each of our individual needs.

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