Rather than Take Responsibility, Alliance Continues Legal Delays. Elected Leaders Weigh In

In an attempt to avoid taking responsibility for its illegal activities, Alliance has filed numerous legal motions at both the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) and in LA County Superior Court.

Alliance’s legal distractions center on two arguments.

1) Alliance is claiming it is not our employer:
   • That the home office doesn’t have influence over our jobs
   • That our schools are not controlled by the Alliance
   • That home office has no control over our salary, benefits, effectiveness ratings, etc.

2) Alliance is claiming it is exempt from state labor law, saying we aren’t public school employees when it comes to our organizing rights.

Alliance is trying to complicate the situation with elaborate legal distractions rather than respecting our rights to organize our union, which is all we have been asking for since we began forming our union.

CA Political Leaders Support Our Rights

“I ask you not to pursue an elaborate legal diversion that leaves teachers out of the conversation. I urge you to repair the damage and sit down with their union and resolve this conflict as soon as possible.”
-Patrick O’Donnell, CA Assemblymember, 70th District, Chair of the Assembly Education Committee in a letter to Alliance November 10, 2015 (full letter)

“[T]his strikes me as extremely odd since public funds are used to operate your schools and your own self-selected identity clearly conveys you are “public schools”. This is in the title “Alliance College-Ready Public Schools.”…I encourage you to reconsider your legal arguments and focus instead on a resolution that respects your teachers’ rights…”
-Tom Torlakson, CA State Superintendent of Instruction in a letter to Alliance, November 25, 2015 (full letter)

“At best, it will only serve to delay the inevitable need—required by BOTH state and federal law—to promote a fair and neutral environment for Alliance’s teachers to self-determine whether they want collective bargaining…Continuing your posture will only lead to draining resources from Alliance and its schools…”
-John Chiang, CA State Treasurer in a letter to Alliance November 24, 2015 (full letter)