LA County Superior Court Judge Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Alliance’s Unlawful Anti-Union Campaign

On Tuesday, October 27th, Judge James C. Chalfant granted a restraining order to stop unlawful anti-union tactics by the Alliance and restore our rights to organize our union.

We are excited to have the opportunity to speak openly about unionization free from fear or interference!

The court has ordered that Alliance and school administrators MUST:

    • Notify us of the court’s order through e-mail and postings at each of our schools
    • Not ask us if we support organizing
    • Allow us to meet at school sites after school hours with union members or organizers
    • Not monitor us and must give us space when we talk to our union members or organizers
    • Allow us to use our work e-mail system for union communications
    • Not coerce or threaten reprisals for supporting organizing
    • Meet with Alliance educators and our UTLA representatives

After issuing four unfair practice complaints and more than six months of an unlawful anti-union campaign by Alliance, the CA Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) decided to take Alliance to court and seek an injunction.

The judge agreed that PERB met its legal burden and issued a temporary restraining order to restore our rights while an injunction hearing is scheduled.

We are proud to be Alliance teachers and counselors organizing for our students, our schools, and our profession.

We are pleased that PERB has intervened to protect our rights and we call on the Alliance to repair the harm done through its unlawful actions and meet to come to an agreement for a fair and neutral process as we organize.