Alliance educators, parents and now School Boards say Yes on 55


Hundreds of Alliance educators and parents have already endorsed Prop 55 by signing our support petition


  • Prop 55 continues the funding for K-12 public education by extending the Prop 30 funding that was approved in 2012. Read more here.
  • The visible support of educators in 2012 united educators, parents, families, and communities in CA to pass Prop 30.  That same visibility and advocacy will help us pass Prop 55 in November.
Join with us in supporting and publicly endorsing Prop 55 by signing our petition.


 Alliance school boards are voting to endorse Prop 55


We are pleased that local Alliance board members are supporting Prop 55 after being disappointed to learn that in 2012 some Alliance home office board members and benefactors funded the campaign to defeat Prop 30.

Prop 30 has resulted in over $53 million additional funds for our schools. It is important that all of us unite to maintain that funding.

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