PERB Issues Complaints against the Alliance

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On April 24, we filed two unfair practice charges (UPC) with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), the state agency that enforces our rights under the Educational Employment Relations Act (EERA), for interfering with our right to organize our union.

On June 24, PERB issued two major complaints against the Alliance finding sufficient evidence in both charges we filed alleging that Alliance has interfered with our rights including:

  • Blocking our email updates to our colleagues through Alliance work emails,
  • Refusing to allow our right to meet on school property during non-work time without our UTLA organizers and members,
  • Questioning teachers about their support for our union,
  • Instructing pro-union teachers to stop distributing union literature during non-work time.


The unfair practice complaints from PERB confirms the unprecedented anti-union campaign by the Alliance against us, its own teachers and counselors who support organizing our union.

The complaints now go to an informal PERB conference with a formal hearing scheduled if a settlement cannot be reached during the conference.

We know the Alliance can do better. The PERB complaints confirm that the Alliance should stop the anti-teacher union campaign, respect our professional decision, and come to an agreement with us for a fair and neutral process.


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