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Yes on Proposition 55

Alliance Community Members Uniting for Public School Funding

The Children’s Education & Healthcare Protection Act 2016


We are teachers, counselors, parents, students and community members from across Alliance College-Ready Public Schools.  We are standing together to support Prop 55 and encourage every member of the Alliance community including educators, administrators, staff, leadership, parents, families, students, and community members, to join with us and support passing Prop 55 so our children can thrive.

When our schools receive the funding they need, our students have access to fully staffed schools, adequate textbooks, materials, and supplies, well-rounded programs including arts and music education, safe and clean school facilities, access to technology and more. Proposition 55 is the extension of Proposition 30, passed in 2012, which started to restore some funds to K-12 education that were lost through the recession and years of underfunding.  Proposition 55, on the ballot this November, will maintain the current income tax rates on the wealthiest Californians created through Prop 30 and is expected to generate $8-11 billion each year to support K-12 schools. If Prop 55 does not pass, it is anticipated that $4 billion of state funding for public education will be cut.

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Yes on Prop 55